Super Plasticizer (Admixture)

Superplasticizer RXSOL-67-6704-210 is a brown color sulphonated formaldehyde condensate and sulphonated naphthalene based admixture for use as a Superplasticizing admixture or high ranger Water Reducera [+] Read More...
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Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Superplasticizer RXSOL-67-6704-210  is utilized to provide high workability to cement or aggregate mix without adding extra water. It assists in improving retention of high workability without excessi [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
RXSOL-67-6704-210 dosage should be determined according to the job specific requirements. Dosage rate will vary depending on the temperature, type of cement, percentage of supplementary cementitious materia [+] Read More...
 It provides good cohesive pump able mix at low W/C ratio & moderate cement contents  Imparts extreme fluidity to the concrete, which facilitates rapid placement of concrete  Helps in controlled & predict [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Colour           Dark Brown Liquid
Type               Modified Naphthalene Formaldehyde Sulphonate
Sp. Gravity    1.21
Shelf Life      1 Yr
Ph                  7-8

RXSOL-67-6704-210 should be stored in dry and ventilated area at temperature above 0° C. If material is frozen please
contact us.
Shelf life is 1 year when stored in dry conditions between 10° C to 25° C in original unopened packages.

RXSOL-67-6704-210 is for industrial use only and should be kept out of reach of children.

Technical Support
Our expert representative is available to assist in setting up the dosage and to address any concrete problems at plant or on-site.

Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)
Super Plasticizer (Admixture)