Product Dose

RXSOL-67-6704-210 dosage should be determined according to the job specific requirements. Dosage rate will vary depending on the temperature, type of
cement, percentage of supplementary cementitious material, fineness of sand and water content. RXSOL recommends that trial mixes are performed in order to establish the required dosage and a regular process control tests should be conducted in order to adjust the admixture dosage.

In general practice Normally dispensed at a rate of 0.7-1.5 Liters per 100kg of cement
It may also be added separately to freshly mixed concrete
It should be preferably added directly to water prior mixing to the wet aggregate
However, actual site trials should be conducted for finding exact dosages

(An indicative example: With control slump of 50 mm collapsible slum can be achieved for 15-30 min, 1 hr/170mm, 2 hr/150 mm &3hr120 mm depending on temperature & humidity condition with admixture dosage of   0.7% of the wt. of cement). Dosage may be increased or decreased depending upon slump required, humidity conditions, temperature & mix design. The above example is just for indication

Note: Example not rephrased.

NOTE :::--- RXSOL-67-6704-210 can be added to the concrete mix near the end of mixing cycle in the concrete mixer and it can be also added on job-site by mixing at a higher speed and more revolutions in the truck.

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