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RXSOL H (Aromatic Hydrocarbon)

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RXSOL H is a low aromatic white spirit with a flash point above 61ºC, higher than conventional Low Aromatic White Spirit.
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Short Description:
RXSOL H is a low aromatic white spirit with a flash point above 61ºC, higher than conventional Low Aromatic White Spirit.
RXSOL H (Aromatic Hydrocarbon)
RXSOL H is used as an extraction solvent, as a cleaning solvent, as a degreasing solvent and as a solvent in aerosols, paints, wood preservatives, lacquers, varnishes, and asphalt products. RXSOL H  is the most widely used solvent in the paint, and  oil Field Idustries.
Using Procedure:
Physical Properties: PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance         : Colourless Liquid. Odour                   : Aromatic Odour threshold : Data not available. pH                         : Not [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Property Unit Method Value
Density @15°C kg/l ASTM D4052 0.785
Cubic Expansion Coefficient @20°C (10^-4)/°C Calculated 9
Refractive Index @20°C - ASTM D1218 1.437
Color Saybolt ASTM D156 + 30
Bromine Index mg Br/100g ASTM D2710 200
Copper Corrosion (3hr @100°C)   ASTM D 130 1
Doctor Test   D 235 Negative
Non Volatile Matter mg/100ml ASTM D1353 1
Distillation, IBP °C ASTM D86 182
Distillation, EP °C ASTM D86 206
Relative Evaporation Rate (nBuAc=1)   ASTM D3539 0.05
Relative Evaporation Rate (Ether=1)   DIN 53170 200
Antoine Constant A # kPa, °C   6.14569
Antoine Constant B # kPa, °C   1636.33
Antoine Constant C # kPa, °C   200.436
Antoine Constants: Temperature range °C   +50 to +175
Vapor Pressure @20°C kPa Calculated 0.05
Saturated Vapor Concentration @20°C g/m³ Calculated 3
Paraffins % m/m GC 47
Naphthenes % m/m GC 40
Aromatics %v/v ASTM D1319 12
Benzene mg/kg GC < 3
Sulfur mg/kg SMS 1897 < 0.5
Flash Point °C ASTM D93 64
Auto Ignition Temperature °C ASTM E659 281
Explosion Limit: Lower %v/v - 0.7
Electrical Conductivity @20°C pS/m - < 1
Pour Point °C ASTM D97 <-30
Surface Tension @20°C mN/m Du Nouy ring 26
Viscosity @25°C mm²/s ASTM D445 1.5
Hildebrand Solubility Parameter (cal/cm³)^½   7.7
Hydrogen Bonding Index     0.5
Fractional Polarity     0
Heat of Vaporization @Tboil kJ/kg   270
Heat of Combustion (Net) @25°C kJ/kg   44500
Specific Heat @20°C kJ/kg/°C   2.0
Thermal Conductivity @20°C W/m/°C   0.14
Molecular Weight g/mol Calculated 158

For  quality control analyses, local test methods may be applied that are different from those mentioned in this datasheet. Such methods have been validated and can be obtained through other. Rxsol H does not contain detectable quantities of polycyclic aromatics, heavy metals or chlorinated compounds.


Storage : Store Cool and Dry Palce. Keep Far away from direct flame.

RXSOL H (Aromatic Hydrocarbon)
Packing Size:
210.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:

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