Liquid Soap for Galley 35 Ltrs

Effective and cost effective galley ( kitchen in a ship or aircraft ), accommodation and engine room cleaning liquid. Highly concentrated liquid organic synthetic detergent. It is well balanced blend of  nonionic, anionic and amide compound with effective soil releasing agents.
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550141, 550142
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35.00 Ltr.
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Available in 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 210 Ltr DRUM. For factory sale directly email us.
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Liquid Soap for Galley 35 Ltrs
A liquid detergent for washing tableware and kitchen utensils. Formulated to cut greasy stains in a wide range of conditions including hard water. Soft and mild on the hands. FOR Non Foaming cleaning action pl. refer our OTHER product.  RXSOL-15-1651-005  
Using Procedure:
A highly concentrated liquid organic synthetic detergent. It is well balanced blend of  nonionic, anionic and amide compound with effective soil releasing agents.  Why RXSOL Liquid Soap is better  than any [+] Read More...
Highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner. The product can be diluted with 1 part cleaner to 200 liters of water. If needed the concentration can be higher. Usage: galley, machineroom and deck 
Technical Specifications:
Reliable and economical cleaning in professional kitchens:  Highly concentrated as well as highly effective products enable economical use.

Temperature effect - Cleaning efficiency increases on HOT temperature.
For other then Glass Temperature of cleaner solution can be maintained 55-65 °C, in the rinse aid solution 80-85 °C.
For glass washers the temperatures of the cleaner solution are 55-60°C and (65 ± 2) °C for the rinse aid solution.

Kitchen Platform cleaner, Floor Cleaner

Fields of application: For the manual cleaning of tableware, utensils and surfaces in the catering industry, in the gastronomy sector, in hotels and in professional kitchens as well as in bakeries and butcher’s shops. With good cleaning action. Reliably removes all kinds of food residues. Suitable for items made from glass, porcelain, plastic and stainless steel as well as for other sensitive surfaces e.g. lacquered surfaces and aluminium.

Effectively removes residues of drinks and beverages, very gentle on material for delicate glasses and decorations.

Remember: Very cheap cleaning products sometimes result unsatisfactory result or you need to use larger amounts. Share your direct need and requirment to get highest efficiency in all areas of use at our email id

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Ship and Air craft galley, Hotel, Reasturant, Industrial

Liquid Soap for Galley 35 Ltrs
Liquid Soap for Galley 35 Ltrs