Degreaser Bio Degradable HD - 210 Ltrs

RXSOL-10-1102-210 IS extremely effective for a broad spectrum of industrial and institutional applications, such as bakeries, bottling plants, breweries,boats, printing plants, public buildings, park [+] Read More...
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Packing Size:
210.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
20 ltr., 25 ltr.
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Degreaser Bio Degradable HD - 210 Ltrs
General Purpose Degreaser totally cleans concrete floor, tiled walls, coolant reservoirs, vinyl upholstery and other plastic surfaces. It is excellent for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and for g [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Concentrated -  Dilutes up to 10 parts for general cleaning, up to 50 parts for light soil.   It can be used through hot or cold-pressure washing machines to penetrate, loosen and flush away hardened grea [+] Read More...
General Purpose Degreaser , can be applied by brush, mop, spray etc. It is ideally suited for use in ultrasonic tanks or other immersion cleaning systems whether warm or cold. Versatile  - Cleans concret [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


          RXSOL-10-1102-210 : Molecule have a long chain non polar
                                                    Hydrocarbon, whose structure can be Studied as follows:-
                                                 Head :    It is water soluble &  ‘-‘Vely charged.
                                                 Tail   :    It is oil soluble.

Cleansing Action Of RXSOL-10-1102-210 :-When RXSOL-10-1102-210  water is poured over the skin or  dirty  garments(Cloth )  the  hydrocarbon Tail  of the SYNDET molecules peg in to it, while the (–ve) HEAD is held in water.The dirt or grease layer is then disloged from the skin by rubbing or from garment by tumbling  and stirring. Each grease globule thus separated in PIN – CUSHIONED by hydrocarbon  TAILS with (-ve) HEADS out wards in water. The (-ve) HEAD globules keep apart by mutual repulsions & are said to have emulsified.The emulsified grease globules bearing dirt can be readly washed with water.

Characteristics:-( Why RXSOL-10-1102-210, is better than ordinary degreaser ?)
1) The “RXSOL-10-1102-210” are superior to general emulsifier or degreaser because  they donot form  insoluble salts Ca+²,Mg+², & Fe+³,ions as soaps do.
For e.g :- 2RCOO¯Na+  +Mgso4  Ù(RCOO)2 Mg+²  + Na2So4  Soaps                          
Insoluble 2R                               So3¯Na+  + MgSo4 [ R                         So3¯]2Mg+² +Na2So4 RXSOL-10-1102-210 SOLUBLE Hence ORGANIC-SYNDETS ,can be used in either Soft Water or Hard   Water,   While ordinary soaps are precipitated in Hard Water and go waste.
2)  RXSOL-10-1102-210, have a long non-polar hydrocarbon chain and a highly polar group at the end of the molecule. Thus they have CLEANING POWER , as better than ORDINARY SOAP.   
3) Ordinary Soaps were not readily BIODEGRADABLE, In other words, they were not broken down by BACTERIA  in the  SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS. They     caused  water POLLUTION  while RXSOL-10-1102-210, are  BIODEGRADABLE , so there is no question of water pollution.


The Importance of RXSOL-10-1102-210 by High-Pressure Cleaning The job of high pressure cleaning can be done easier & quicker by simply using RXSOL-10-1102-210 in correct dosa -ges. Using a high pressure cleaner alone, without any CLEANER, will not achieve optimal cleaning results High-pressure cleaning primarily refers to cleaning of Hard surfaces, such as Decks, Tanks, Engine-rooms, etc. and in the majority of cases the cleaning is done according to the so-called two-step method:

Step 1 : Spraying the RXSOL-10-1102-210 over the area to be cleaned.
Step 2 : Washing down the area using a high-pressure water jet After the 
RXSOL-10-1102-210 has been sprayed on the surface and before

The wash down begins, the chemicals penetrates & thoroughly moistens dirt & other grime. During wash down, theRXSOL-10-1102-210 thoroughly dissolves the particles of dirt, even oil and fat, in the water spray and thus achieves optimal cleaning results. In addition to being more effective, the use of RXSOL-10-1102-210 substantially reduces the time required for the Cle -aning operation, as well as preventing dirt from reforming on the surface. The use of RXSOL-10-1102-210 in correct dosages is half the job done. 3 Pieces of Good Advice Apply RXSOL-10-1102-210 on dry surface where possible A dry surface will absorb far better than a wet surface.When applying RXSOL-10-1102-210 on vertical surfaces: Start application from the bottom and work upwards! If beginning from the top and going downwards, the RXSOL-10-1102-210 may produce "channels" down the surface, thereby running too fast off the surface. During high pressure cleaning:It is important that the rinsing water does not run over non-cleaned surfaces! The rinsing water can draw soap from the surface if running over non-cleaned surfaces. High pressure together with optimum concentration of RXSOL-10-1102-210 will  give  the  best  effect.

Degreaser Bio Degradable HD - 210 Ltrs
Degreaser Bio Degradable HD - 210 Ltrs
Degreaser Bio Degradable HD - 210 Ltrs
Degreaser Bio Degradable HD - 210 Ltrs