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Corrosion Inhibitor for Diesel Cooling Water Treat

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Corrosion Inhibitor for Diesel Cooling Water Treatment - RXSOL CIDC is a unique formulation with organic Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti-Scalant for use in closed cooling water systems, for preventing corros [+] Read More...
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E.W.T. Inhibitor 9-131c, Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors FOR MTU engine, RXSOL CIDC

Short Description:
Anti-Scalant for use in closed cooling water systems , for preventing corrosion and scale Formation in Internal combustion engines, compressor cooling system, DG -set at high or low temperature. It is a concentrated liquid , also used as a corrosion inhib
Generic Name:
Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors FOR engine water treatment

 Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors FOR MTU engine, RXSOL CIDC specialized product for Marine and shipping industrial use. Major supplier in all INDIAN and UAE Middle East coastal.  RXSOL CIDC Prolong the life of equipment by keeping scale and corrosion free.

Active Matter:
IMPA Code:
Corrosion Inhibitor for Diesel Cooling Water Treat
The stable oxide film that is formed by RXSOL CIDC prevents corrosion caused by the electrolytic action between dissimilar metals used in the system .RXSOL CIDC has been field tested and found to have n [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Initial dosage for an untreated system is 9 litres of RXSOL CIDC / 1000 litres of untreated distilled water. This will bring the treatment up to the minimum level of 1000 ppm nitrite. For best result and prolo [+] Read More...
In cases where systems are contaminated with oil and/or scale, they should be cleaned before starting to apply RXSOL CIDC.There are suitable RX BRAND products to carry out the cleaning. Degreasing should be carried out using RXSOL-20-2002-025 and descaling by using RXSOL 1008.
Technical Specifications:

Color                           : Odour Pink/ red (Colour changes of the product cannot be excluded the effects will however not impaired.)
Sp. Gravity                  : 1.1 to 1.25
pH                               : Alkaline (11.3 – 11.5)
None. Rxsol-2000 is an alkaline product & should be handled like other chemical Avoid contact with Eyes, Skin, in case of contact, wash with copious amounts of water immediately.
Freezing Point - 17 0 c

Nitrite (as PPM NO2)       0                   100-200      300-600        700-900      1100-1300      1440-2400
RXSOL CIDC /1000L      13.0               11.3              8-10               5-7               1.5-3.5              0


1. Properly clean the system with water and alkaline liquid, if necessary.
2. Add 0 .15-1.5 % of RXSOL CIDC in the system or recommended Nitrite level 1400 – 2500 ppm can be measured and controlled by any standard RXSOL test kit for Nitrite, Chloride test also helps to detect excess contamination to maintain acceptable levels. when the product is dosed as recommended limit By buffering action of RXSOL CIDC, pH should be maintained between 8.3 and 10 by the treatment.

RXSOL CIDC Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors FOR MTU engine.

Advatages : -

1. Prolong the life of equipment by keeping scale and corrosion free. Since RXSOL CIDC is alkaline and so will suppress acid corrosion, which would otherwise result in corrosion damage such as pitting. However, the alkalinity control is such that even if the product accidentally overdoses, the pH of the water will remain within limits. The metals which would be affected by extremes of alkalinity or acidity are protected.

2. Improves generating cooling efficiency by maintaining a clean heat transfer

3. Corrosion protection by using a superior corrosion inhibitor.

4. Reduced maintenance and downtime

5. Compatible with Coolants / Antifreeze solution / Glycol .

6. Friendly with Metals (Like steel, Copper, Aluminum, all alloys) & Non-metal (Rubber, Hoses, Gasket etc.)

Marine Diesel Engine specialized corrosion inhibitor.

NOTE : Initial dosage for an untreated system is 9 litres of RXSOL CIDC / 1000 litres of untreated distilled water. This will bring the treatment up to the minimum level of 1000 ppm nitrite. For best result and prolonged engine, life add RXSOL CIDC every 500 -6500 km. or 250 to 300 hours of running time or every 2-month interval.

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Corrosion Inhibitor for Diesel Cooling Water Treat
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
5, 10, 20 / 25 / 35 / 50 / 210 Ltrs customized and private labeling option available for Water-soluble corrosion inhibitors FOR MTU engine. Mail us for MSDS and technical bulletin as well as for factory discounted sale price. Corrosion Inhibitor for Diesel Cooling Water Treatment, Ready stock at KANDLA, Mundra, Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag - Visakhapatnam, Kolkata - Haldia, Fujairah - Dubai, Middle East - UAE.
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