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Corroision Inhibitor for Oxygen Control 20 Ltr

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Oxygen Control Corroision Inhibitor RXSOL-50-5007-020 corrosion inhibitor  is a catalyzed liquid  catatonic, filming amine corrosion inhibitor and oxygen scavenger , This formulation is especially e [+] Read More...
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Short Description:
It is a corrosion inhibitor is a catalyzed liquid catatonic, filming amine corrosion inhibitor and oxygen scavenger , This formulation is especially effective way of protecting ferrous and aluminum metals from corrosion due to adverse environmental cond
Active Matter:
Corroision Inhibitor for Oxygen Control 20 Ltr
COMMON NAME : Oxygen control corroision inhibito for FEROUS & ALUMINUM
Using Procedure:
RXSOL-50-5007-020 The objective is to maintain a hydrazine residual between 0.05-0.2 ppm depending on operating pressure and boiler designe. Actual consumption is determined under operating conditions. A nor [+] Read More...
More about Water Boiler Treatment & Powder / liquid Inhibitors scales are very damaging to the boiler because they interfere with the heat transfer and can lead to overheating and eventually, boile [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Products Properties:-

Safe Plant Handling
Low Odor
Provides corrosion protection in the liquid and the vapor phase
When used in hydrostatic testing the product provides protection in liquids below, above and at the liquid levels
Protection of recessed and hard to reach areas. Complicated valves and the interior surfaces of piping and equipment, which are often difficult or impossible to reach, are protected with true Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor action Easy to Useits POWDER  can be  applied by either blowing with conventional air blasting equipment or other methods using compressed air . Can be applied by sprinkling , rinsing or dipping metals in a solution of  RXSOL-50-5007-020 , hydrotest solution, metalworking fluids, coatings, adhesives and water treatment formulations.



Corroision Inhibitor for Oxygen Control 20 Ltr
Packing Size:
20.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
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