Ammonia Cracker with purifier

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Ammonia Cracker with Purifier.

PSG has been Manufacturing and Supplying very reliable and efficient Ammonia Cracking Unit for over three decades. Our experience and knowledge of ammonia cracking is the best in the industry and we are looking up to as the industry leaders for these types of Hydrogen Generators.
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 1Nm3/hr to 100 Nm3/hr
Purity: 100 PPM TO 1-PPM un-Cracked Ammonia
Pressure: Up to 1 kg
Dew Point: up to (-) 80°C
Technical Specifications:
Ammonia Cracking Hydrogen Generators are Catalytic cracking units in which Ammonia (NH3) is disassociated to Hydrogen and Nitrogen Gas.
2NH3 = 3H2 + N2
Refrigeration grade Ammonia is from Cylinder or Storage Tank is used as feed. The Product Gas has 75% Hydrogen and 25% Nitrogen; this gas is further purified in a Molecular Sieves unit by removing un-cracked Ammonia and moisture.
Low Operating Cost:
This is very Low Investment in such Hydrogen Gas. Additionally, as very little electrical Power or LPG gas required for its operating, the cost of Hydrogen produced is also very low. Both of these factors allow the user to recover the investment cost on PSG Ammonia cracker very quickly
PSG  incorporates the use of skids and designing, these plants in compact and modular. This feature allows easy transportation and easy installation of the systems at your site. Our Erection Engineer is present at site to oversee installation and also assist with commissioning and training of your personnel. These units to withstand harsh operating condition and very normal maintenance for its smooth operation,
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Stainless steel wire annealing
Hydrogenation of castor oil / non edible oil’
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