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Potassium Permanganate Crystals

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Crystals or granules are dark purple with a metallic sheen, sometimes with a dark bronze-like appearance. Free-Flowing Grade is gray due to an additive. Potassium permanganate has a sweetish, astringent [+] Read More...
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Potassium Permanganate

Short Description:
Potassium Permagnate Also known as KMnO4, Condy’s Crystals and permanganate of potash
Generic Name:
Potassium Permanganate
Active Matter:
Potassium Permanganate Crystals
Potassium permanganate is used extensively in the water treatment industry. It is used as a regeneration chemical to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) from well water via a "Manganese [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Its Dose Depends according to application. TYPICAL and Common use : Ethylene absorbents extend storage time of bananas even at high temperatures. This effect can be exploited by packing bananas in polyethy [+] Read More...
COMPATIBILITY INFORMATION RXSOL™ potassium permanganate is compatible with many metals and synthetic materials. Natural rubbers and fibers are often incompatible. Solution pH and temperature are also import [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Odour : Odourless
Taste : Sweetish, astringent.
Appereance : Solid/Powder/Crystal
Molecular Weight : 158.03 g/mole
pH (1% soln/water) : Not available
Boiling Point : Not available
Melting Point : Decomposes.
 Critical Temperature : Not available.
Specific Gravity : 2.7 @ 15 C (Water = 1)
Solubility : Easily soluble in methanol, acetone. Partially soluble in cold water, hot water. Soluble in Sulfuric Acid.

Drinking Water treatment with Potassium Permagnate :::


Proceed with caution, however. The information provided in this article is intended for emergency situations only. Caution should be exercised when using any of the following information.

Potassium permanganate will start a fire when mixed with a couple of different compounds. Glycerin is the most common, but antifreeze will also do the trick. Antifreeze seems to create a reaction that is a little more violent. Be very careful when using either. The reaction is not always immediate. It can take several seconds for the reaction to start a fire – let it be.

After gathering all the necessary fire tinder and large pieces of wood to keep your fire going, place a teaspoon of Potassium permanganate on a flat surface. Carefully add the same amount of Glycerine or Antifreeze evenly on top of your pile. Next, stand back a couple of feet and wait at the ready with your tinder.

Mix sugar in with the Glycerin before adding to your Condy’s Crystals, and you’ll get a decent signal smoke.

For water purification, its use is relatively straight forward. First, if there is any sediment in the water, strain it out. Then add 3 – 4 crystals per liter of water. Stir or shake for a few seconds then let sit for 2 hours. The water should be a light pink (a concentration of 1:10,000) – no darker.

Here are some proportions for killing the different nasty organisms that can find their way into water:

Bacteria requires a minimum of 2.5mg per liter of water.
Viruses require a minimum of 50mg (close to danger levels) per liter.

Potassium permanganate can become toxic in high concentrations, just like anything. The lowest recorded instance of a person poisoned was 100mg per kilogram of body weight. That said, the LD50 scale for Potassium permanganate is 1900mg per kilogram of body weight.

Just remember, as long as it is pink – it’s probably ok to drink.

To use as an antiseptic, anti-fungal treatment, or emergency snow signal, add crystals one by one until the solution turns purple. Shake and use to flush out a wound, soak a fungal infection, or to leave a message in the snow.

Don’t eat snow marked in yellow – just saying.

Ideally, Potassium permanganate should be stored in a nonreactive plastic bottle with a Teflon coated cap. Most plastic bottles and non-coated caps should be fine.

Potassium permanganate is not a perfect option for any of the above-listed purposes. If other more convention options are available  – use them first. What it does do is offer another option should you find yourself with it as your only resource.

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Potassium permagnate : CAS 7722-64-7

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Potassium Permanganate Crystals
Packing Size:
25.00 Kg Crystal
Available Packing Size:
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