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Toluene Tech Grade 25 Ltr

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Item Name: TOLUENE,TECHNICAL Spec Type, Grade, Class: NONE Hazard Characteristic Code: F3 Read MSDS , before any types of usage......................
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Short Description:
Colourless liquid, benzene-like odor. Soluble in alcohol, benzene, and ether; insoluble in water.
IMPA Code:
550981, 550982
Toluene Tech Grade 25 Ltr
Colourless liquid, benzene-like odor. Soluble in alcohol, benzene, and ether; insoluble in water. Hazard: Flammable, dangerous fire risk, toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption. Uses: [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Various Grade of Degreaser :::--- Bilgo Clean ::: Powerful degreaser for engine rooms and fuel cargo tanks . It is non-toxic which makes handling easy . RXSOL-10-1002-020 is mainly breaks the oil-in [+] Read More...
Identifiers CAS number    108-88-3 PubChem    1140 ChemSpider    1108 UNII    3FPU23BG52 DrugBank    DB01900 KEGG    C01455 ChEBI    CHEBI:17578 ChEMBL    CHEMBL9113 RTECS number    XS5250000 Pr [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:
Test Unit Results


Sp. Gravity
1.5"C / 15.5"C
Boiling range
110.4 - 110.8
Residue on evaporation
% by wt.
2mg. / 100ml
Copper corrosion test
Benzene content
% wt.
Toluene content
% wt.
Ethyl Benzene
% wt.
% wt.

Toluene Tech Grade 25 Ltr
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:

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