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Tankclean ECO 210 Ltr

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HEAVY DUTY TANKCLEANER MANUFACTURED FROM NATURAL RAW MATERIALS WHICH CONTAINS NO CHLORINATED OR AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS • More effective than solvent cleaners. • Non-toxic and environmentally safe. • [+] Read More...
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Short Description:
Designed for the removal of heavy mineral oils and greases, dopes, additives, lubricants, asphalt, distillation residues, coal tar, several synthetic resins, paraffines (e.g. slackwax), inert gas soot, vegetable,fish and animal oils and fats, fatty acid
Generic Name:
Non-caustic tank cleaner for Mineral, Petroleium products, veg oil, animal oil, fats etc.
Active Matter:
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Tankclean ECO 210 Ltr
RXSOL Tankclean Eco is designed for the removal of heavy mineral oils and greases, dopes, additives, lubricants, asphalt, distillation residues, coal tar, several synthetic resins, paraffines (e.g. sl [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Directions of use Cleaning of cargo and storage tanks by means of recirculation method. Pre wash :- Before cleaning with RXSOL Tankclean ECO, it is necessary to prewash the tanks with hot or cold water, [+] Read More...
Description Tank Cleaner Eco is “the strongest there is” water-based, non-caustic cleaning and degreasing agent. It is based on the latest and most powerful biodegradable surface-active and emulsifying [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Specific gravity (at 20°C) : 1.05
Flash point (10%)            : Non Flammable
pH (10%)                         : 12.0 - 12.5
Colour                             : Clear
Odour                              : citrus

During Tank Cleaning operation, Re-circulation method can be considered one of POPULAR METHOD. TIPS for uses of TANK CLEAN ECO.
 1. First of all remove and strip all residue manually from Tank bottom and wall, Then flush tanks with the copious amount of seawater if possible by using the high-pressure machine to remove remaining cargo to slop. (As per MARPOL 78/73)
 2. Then recirculate hot water inside the tanks at least for 2-10 hr, this will helps to remove oily-mud and residues in the coating/steel.
 3. Then again take fresh hot water inside the tank and use Tank Clean ECO 0.5 - 2 %. And continue recirculation 2-8 hr. And continuously try to maintain temperature of 60 - 65 Degree Centigrade. Hot recirculation will improve the cleaning result. Do not overheat, as this may burn the cargo. otherwise, The water is heated by means of the heating coils, cargo heat exchanger or Butterworth heater.The tanks are washed by means of a loading pump, after which the solution used is recycled to the mixing tank. One solution is most often used to wash 1 – 4 tanks.Tankclean ECO must be recirculated as a 0.2 – 0.5 % emulsion (dependent on the nature of the contamination). Allow this emulsion to circulate for 2 – 4 hours at the temperature of 10-60 °C (depending on the type of cargo).
 4. Again Flush entire tanks with a large amount of warm seawater (2-3 hr) to remove any residues of Chemicals.
 5. Flush tanks with freshwater to remove salts, mop and dry.

RXSOL TANK Clean ECO is added to a mixing tank containing sufficient quantity of water in order to obtain a good recirculation.
Tankclean ECO effectively cleans vegetable, animals, and fats.  Tanks containing drying or semi-drying oils should be flushed or prewashed or moisten as soon as possible after completion of discharging to prevent the formation of hard tenacious residues.
Expert suggestion: To save tank cleaner,  strip all residue manually which will reduce the quantities and consumption of chemicals required. Never overheat the tank which may cause dryness of residue.

Spot cleaning after most CPP / hydrocarbons.
  1. Tank Cleaner Eco may be sprayed on the bulkhead neat or diluted, to areas where residues remain after tank washing, “Spot Cleaning”. A heated dilution is found to be very efficient.
  2. The product should be allowed to stand for 10-30 minutes prior to re-washing areas. Do not leave the product to dry on the bare coating.
 3. Clean areas by flushing manually with high pressure, using fresh water, or by performing a re-circulation. For persistent deposits, agitation by scrubbing will assist the cleaning operation. Heated water will increase the cleaning effect.
ZINC coating TANK cleaning - Zinc structure is porous, a prolonged pre-cleaning with lower temperatures is highly advisable.

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Tank Clean ECO is one of popular and classified marine Tank Cleaner.  TANK CLEAN ECO is a highly concentrated natural based cargo tank cleaner. It is free from chlorinated/aromatic hydrocarbons, caustic and alkalines. It can be used for the cleaning of palm oil, vegetable oil, fish oil and soybean oil from cargo tank surfaces.

Tankclean ECO 210 Ltr
Packing Size:
210.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
20, 25, 50, 210 Ltrs packing. Non-caustic Biodegradable tank cleaner for cleaning of Mineral, Petroleium products, veg oil, animal oil, fats etc.

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