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Membrane Cleaner RXSOL- 3304

Product Description | Product Application | Product Notes| Product DOSE
REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE CLEANER RO membrane cleaners is specifically designed to remove iron fouling for silica. It also has effectiveness against calcium carbonate scaling. RXSOL-33-3304-025 perfor [+] Read More...
Other Equivalent Brand

DREWCLEAN 3000, PermaClean 77, Flocon MC3 Acidic cleaning chemical for filter and membrane elements, Maxtreat 9202, Maxtreat 9204, maxtreat 9800, Maxtreat 9205, RO404F, DIAMITE, Rochem ro cleaner C iron oxide, Dremachem LP, Floclean mc30, RO Clean L

Short Description:
ADVANCE MEMBRANE SYSTEM CLEANER FOR R.O PLANT Membrane Cleaner Removal of Iron Containing deposits
Generic Name:
Specialized super-strength cleaner for iron and metal oxides
Active Matter:
Membrane Cleaner RXSOL- 3304
Other Grades of Membrane cleaner ::: RXSOL-33-3322-025 RXSOL-33-3324-025 MSDS, Technical bulletine of MSDS are available on email request. 
Using Procedure:
Treatment and Dosage Requirements Cleaning solutions should be prepared with chlorine free product water to give a 4% w/w solution, or 1 kg of RXSOL-33-3304-025 to every 25kgs of water. As RXSOL-33-3304-025 [+] Read More...
   Liquid product for ease of use    Highly concentrated    Buffered to ensure pH control
Technical Specifications:

Pl. refer our Technical Bulletine and MSDS of Product.

This advanced, high strength formulation available in powder  /  liquid form 
• pH adjusted to 3.0+ 0.5
• Highly effective at ambient temperatures
• Contains no surfactants and is quickly rinsed away
• Contains organic acids, detergent builders and chelating agents


Safety Goggles, And Hand Gloves is compoulsery before using this product. And for more details pl. ask MSDS.  

Membrane Cleaner RXSOL- 3304  MC3 is a low pH formulation that has been designed specifically to remove metal hydroxides, calcium carbonate and other similar scales from polyamide, polysulfone and thin film, composite membrane surfaces.

Specialized super-strength RO Reverse Osmosis membrane cleaner for iron and metal oxides.

Membrane Cleaner RXSOL- 3304
Membrane Cleaner RXSOL- 3304
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
500 ml, 1 Ltr, 5, 20, Discount is only applicable for 25 Ltr pack.

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