Product Dose

Standard grades, such as 304 and 316: Mix 1 part Pickling Dip Liquid   into 3 patrs of water. A further dilution can be done if longer pickling timesc an be accepted. High-alloyed grades, such as duplex grades (2205) and austenitic grades (904 L) for use in severe corrosive conditions: Mix 1 part of Pickling Dip Liquid in to 2 parts of water. Very high alloyed grades, such as super-austenitic (254 SMO) and super-duplex (2507) grades: Mix 1 part of Pickling Dip Liquid into 1 part of water.

1. Before first time use. Make the solution by adding the Pickling Dip Liquid  to the water, not the other way round! The proportions depend  on the steel to be pickled.

2. Pre-clean the objects to remove grease and oil before pickling by using RXSOL DEGREASER.

3. Place the product in the pickling bath.

4. Allow sufficient pickling time. Use 5 min to 4 hours depending on temperature, steel grade, condition of the Pickling Dip Liquid    etc.

5. Rinse with high-pressure water jet after pickling.

6. Analyse the Pickling Dip Liquid  content of acids and free metals regularly to maintain optimal Pickling Dip Liquid composition.