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Mix 1 part of RXSOL-20-2003-CW  with 2 -10 parts of water / GAS-OIL ( For heavy oil,greasy surface use  directly)Spray directly on the entire surface to be cleaned. This can be achieved by Hand spray / mechanical spray pump. Immediately after 2 -5 minted of spray the RXSOL-20-2003-CW  starts its function. The Dirt, oil grease etc will loosen. 5 to 6 minutes after spraying start rinsing the system with water   (High pressure recommended). Dirt and mud starts vanishing with cleaning media and water                                                                  

Immersion Method             

Application in immersion process with or without ultrasonic support, manual wipping.

RE-circulation Method

RXSOL-20-2003-CW is also used in conjunction with alkaline degreasing bath at 2-10% (v/v) concentration for better and quick degreasing action. Eithers the bath is heated to be 70°Cor the solution can be stirred or air agitated. FINALLY RINSE THE SYSTEM WITH FRESH WATER.

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