Cold Washer HD

Chemical for Maintenance of Industrial and Institutional physical plants for handle really tough daily cleaning problems. Can be used as a stripper for all types of waxes and finishes and as a Degreas [+] Read More...
Article News:
Active Matter:
85 - 90 %
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
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Cold Washer HD
Ready to use for tank cleaning or general degreasing. Complete removal of dirt, oil, carbonized grease, heavy oil, gum , vegetable oil , Lube oil, soot , asphalt ,paraffine, carbon stains etc. Gi [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Refer to technical datasheet.   Fields ::: Treated for the really tough daily cleaning problems faced in the proper Maintenance of Industrial and Institutional physical plants. Can be used as a st [+] Read More...
Advantages : RXSOL-20-2003-025 is easily soluble in water Action is quite fast even at low temperature which gives advantages of cleaning under operation And avoid shut down and down time.Non corrosive to [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Appearance      Clear amber brown liquid
Density In g/cm3 at 15°C: 0.95b
Flash Point  Above 70°C ( on dilution with water more than 90°C )
Metal No known effect
Rubber  May swell
Synthetic rubber May swell
PACKAGING  Order No: RXSOL-20-2003-CW Size (in litres): 25,/30,/210

AVOID contact of  RXSOL-20-2003-025 with skin or eye Contact. If contact occurs wash with ample quantity of water. NOTE : on dilution RXSOL-20-2003-025 is more effective and safe for use on epoxy, polyurethane, zinc-silicate coatings and stainless steel.

Cold Washer HD
Cold Washer HD