Product Dose

Treatment and Dosage Requirements
Cleaning solutions should be prepared with chlorine free product water to give a 4% w/w solution, or 1 kg of RXSOL-33-3304-025 to every 25kgs of water. As RXSOL-33-3304-025 is buffered the cleaning solution will stabilize at pH 3.6.

Deposition of fouling and scale directly affect the cleaning time In general practice to dissolve complete fouling  2 to 3 hours required . During chemical reaction between solution and deposition  If the cleaning solution becomes brown to red  in color it must be changed as the solution becomes completely non reactive.   

On completion of cleaning process membrane should be clean with cupious amount of FRESH WATER till neutralisation of pH value of runing water.

For disposal of  RXSOL-33-3304-025  cleaning solution should always be neutralized with alkali.