Wall Wash Kit – An Absolute Test kit

Wall Wash Test (RXSOL-63-6105-001) is a complete test kit with the help of which Hydro carbon test, PTT Time test, PH test, Chloride test, Acid wash test and Stainless Steel Passivation Test are performed. This kit carries equipment, test reagents and instruction manual to conduct these tests.


Hydro carbon test is generally carried out in oil and gas organisations and helps in identifying and analysing hydrocarbon compound concentration values. This test contributes towards enhancing efficiency and productivity of crude oil feed stocks and many other petroleum compounds. The test helps in optimising extraction, improving profitability of the refiner and meeting regulatory requirements of these products. Any conscience organisation would source a provider only when the provider would yield time tested and consistent results. This makes the test a determining factor in yield calculation. This test in helpful in producing details information and composition figures of different molecular and elemental components of the hydrocarbon products- be it primary, intermediate or the final yield.


A Permanganate Time Test is a test which helps in detecting the presence of impurities in ketones or alcohols which reduces the potassium permanganate level in them. This kind of test is applicable to chemicals such as Butanol, Methanol, Propanol, Methyl Ethyl ketone and Methyl Isobutyl Ketone. When substances in neutral solutions react with potassium permanganate, they tend to reduce it to manganese dioxide which in turn makes the solution turn yellowish. This test determines the time taken for a solution to change its colour in both test as well as standard solution.                     


A Chloride Test involves a milky, cloudy solution which is the result of mixing chloride and silver nitrate solution together. This test is done to determine whether the coating of the wall washes is that of chlorides or something else. If it’s not chlorides, the tank will reject it too. The test is usually conducted in a dark background and the results are compared against standard solution. If turbidity is observed in the test, it involves chlorides.


A pH test is conducted to determine the pH value in the pipelines. If the pH value goes above 9 in the pipelines, the contents inside the pipeline will react and get reddish tinge. This type of test is done for tanks and certain cargoes.


Certain precautions need to be exercised when conducting wall wash test. One should always use protective gear such as disposable plastic gloves, clean clothes and disposal shoe covers to prevent any contamination with the tank material and faulty test results. Washing tanks with acids always calls to protective equipment. Always use a clean bucket should be used for transferring test equipment into the tank through a clean line.


The sample bottles and funnels to be used in the test should be washed thoroughly with certified methanol solution before the start of the test. Before conducting the test, a standard test against the sample test should be conducted. The testing procedure requires ample time at hands. Do not rush through the tests as this may cause the test to fail.  If the sample passes all the tests, you might consider conducting a retest just to be clear of any doubt. Before testing a tank, make sure it is completely dry. Make sure there is no glue residue on sample bottles as this may cause sample to contaminate. A wet tank will not give accurate results. The tank needs to be given time to relax after a prolonged washing period so that it can come to its natural nature by the test time. One should always keep the wall wash results recorded for future reference with methods useful for washing procedure. This will save ample time and effort.



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