Paint Remover 25 Ltr

RXSOL-18-1013-25 is a excellent product for removal of paint from tough painted surfaces. Useful in the maintenance of all types of Industrial plant and in the marine industry. 
Active Matter:
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Packing Size:
25.00 Kg.(Liq)
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Paint Remover 25 Ltr
To remover paint, varnish, lacquer, baked enamel, shellac, and epoxy from all metallic surfaces. Particularly useful in the shipping industry, workshop and garages.
Using Procedure:
Must be applied in its concentrated state. Quantity to be applied varies according to the degree of deposition on the surface
RXSOL-18-1013-25 is particularly used in aircraft industry because of its non-reactivity with aluminium, copper, brass their alloys.   PACKAGING : 25 Ltrs. COMMON NAME : Paint Remover
Technical Specifications:


Contact with skin can cause serous chemicals burns .Avoid  contact with skin & eyes.Wear PVC gloves while handling. Do not take internally. Spl-ashes of  the  product  or  its  solutions  on  the  skin  or  clothing  should washed immediately  with  cupious  amount  of  water .  If  the  eyes  are  affected  should be washed with water for at least 15 minutes  and  seek medicals attention  sought immediately.

Paint Remover 25 Ltr
Paint Remover 25 Ltr
Paint Remover 25 Ltr