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Air Cooler Chemicals Plus

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Air Cooler Chemicals Plus manufacturer, supplier and Exporter. Uses of ACC EXTRA PLUS - Air Cooler Cleaner Plus helps to clean Diesel Engine Air Cooler to maintain optimum efficiency during reunning condition.
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ACC Extra Power Cleaner 1157, 651 571588

Short Description:
Maintains and stabilizer air cooler efficiency at maximum. Saves time, maintenance cost and avoids risks of damage when dismantiling. No harmful effect on engine. Product in water solution is non-flammable and non-explosive.
Generic Name:
Active Matter:
Air Cooler Chemicals Plus
For effective cleaning of air coolers, scavenging air systems and turbo chargers of diesel engines. Proper cleaning of Diesel Engine Air Cooler with Air Cooler Chemicals Plus  maintains and stabiliz [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
For cleaning of Air cooler and Air side of  turbochargers, a  solution  of  5 - 25% RXSOL-16-1039-025 in fresh  water is recommended. Inject the solution for 10-15 minutes, then similar quantity of fresh wat [+] Read More...
Air Cooler Chemicals Plus is popular in marine sector to clean Diesel Engine Air Cooler and turbocharger compressor. Its effective surfactant formulation with Solvent easily dissolve hard oily and carboneci [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Our New advance formulation of Air Cooler Chemicals Plus also helps to clean and degreas maintainence area. And this product is fully water soluble after dilution with ware Air Cooler Chemicals Plus can be use as degreaser also. And diluted solution of Air Cooler Chemicals Plus can be kept in open cut drum or water bath, to clean daily uses of nut bolt and machinery parts. Simply dip oil contaminated parts in to diluted solution of Air Cooler Chemicals Plus and keep for small period of time, this method can keep all maintence part clean and rust free.  Here we can see that Air Cooler Chemicals Plus having multiple cleaning action, Its presence on ENGINE area can avoid any additional degreaser requirement.

Air Cooler Chemicals Plus MSDS and Technical bulletine available with MSDS link. If you are unable to download pl. share your requisition through our email id. We can provide you our best discounted price of Air Cooler Chemicals Plus for all Indian and UAE coastal supply.

Air Cooler Chemicals Plus is concnentrate powerful cleaner which is specailized for cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, turbocharges cleaning,  scavenging air systems and the compressor cleaning.Air Cooler Chemicals Plus is emulsifier and solvent based products which make Air Cooler Chemicals Plus also as multipurpose engine area maintenance chemicals.

Air Cooler Chemicals Plus largest supplier in Mumbai, JNPT, SURAT - HAZIRA, Kandla - Gandhidham - Sikka - MUndra, Goa, Manglore, Vizag - Visakhapatanam - Gangavaram, Chennai - Ennore, Kakinada, Kolkata - HALDIA, Budge Budge - Paradip. And in Middle East - Fujairah - DUBAI, Sharjah - Abu Dhabi.

Air Cooler Chemicals Plus is most common in shipping Industries and classifeid as Marine maintenance chemicals.  This product nature is pH neutral and water soluble.

Air Cooler Chemicals Plus
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
Air Cooler Chemicals Plus is a popular air cooler cleaning solvent in Marine Industries. We are keeping ready stock of ACC PLUS in 20, 25, 50, 210 ltr. Air Cooler Chemicals Plus is one of best maintenance chemicals for Diesel Engine Air Cooler.
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