Bitumen cleaning from Hand

Bitumen is a viscous residue of Petroleum Product. Its higher viscosity strength creates a big problem in personnel.  Bitumen can be dissolved easily in a solvent like MTO, Kerosene etc... But after using such solvent hand becomes dry as petroleum solvent drains our Body Oil. And uses of Kerosene-like materials are also having a fire risk. 

Our Waterless Hand cleaner RXSOL-1001 plays an important role for such cleaning, And its Glycerine based formula keeps skin soft and normal. RXSOL waterless hand cleaner paste comes in 250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1 Kg, 4, 5, 20, 50 Kg Jars. Its handling is also easy and can be carried out in a pocket.  

In normal practice, 1 Person who is working in Bitume sector ( for making Bitumen Emulsion, Blowing of Bitumen and many more ) can consume minimum 5 Ltr Kerosene in a Month. While same person cleaning problem can be handled by 1 Kg Waterless Hand cleaner, which will cost less and storage of Hand cleaner is not risky against fire, while 5 Ltr Kerosene can spread fire in the surrounding. 

Selection of Waterless Hand Cleaner is a wise decision for working environment, And cost effective also. At present 1 Kg, RXSOL waterless hand cleaning gel will cost 99 INR / Kg + GST

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