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RXSOL R5 is a cost-effective, water-based air freshener that makes your house and office aromatic after the use. RXSOL R5 Perfume has been used constantly by many large and small hotels. It features a [+] Read More...
Other Equivalent Brand

Taski R5, Room Freshner, Perfume

Short Description:
Fresheners and Deodorizer
Generic Name:
Room Freshener and Perfume
HOW TO USE RXSOL R5 ROOM FRESHENER: For Small Rooms: Spray once or twice upwards into the centre of the room. For Large Rooms: Spray proportionately more upwards into the centre of the room
Using Procedure:
HOW TO DILUTE RXSOL R5: RXSOL RX 5 is ready to use; use undiluted in OPEN AIR VENTILATED area or for closed room application can be diluted  1 Ltrs : upto 10 Ltrs Water     RXSOL RX5 (Pink) Fragrance [+] Read More...
Do not spray onto furniture or plastic surfaces. 
Technical Specifications:


pH 9.0 (Approximately
Vapour Pressure NOT AVAILABLE
Vapour Density NOT AVAILABLE
Boiling Point 100°C (Approximately)

RXSOL R5 is a Room Freshener and Perfume for good odor in rooms. RXSOL R5 Room Freshener is a product used in the field of HOTEL AND HOUSEHOLD CLEANING AND MAINTAINANCE. This Room Freshener Spray is very cost effective that is its price is very low as compared to others. Many Hotels are grateful to us for our product and this because of our unique formulation of RXSOL R5 Room Freshener and perfume. If you are looking to buy room freshener online for your house or your hotels, however big or small, RXSOL R5 OOM FRESHENER is the best option available to you. RXSOL R5 ROOM FRESHENER is an excellent fragranced chemical which is manufactured by us only. We have a huge stock of these HOTEL AND HOUSEHOLD CLEANING AND MAINTAINANCE CHEMICALS in MUMBAI, AHMEDABAD, VADODARA, CHENNAI, TUTICORIN, VISHAKHAPATNAM, KOLKATA, HOWRAH, FUJAIRAH, OMAN. We are specialists in the field of hotel and house chemicals because we have been working in this field since two decades. This is probably the best ROOM FRESHENER available to you not only because of its unique formulations but also because of its high effectiveness, We have stock points in MUMBAI, AHMEDABAD, VADODARA, CHENNAI, TUTICORIN, VISHAKHAPATNAM, KOLKATA, HOWRAH, FUJAIRAH, OMAN.

RXSOL R5 Room Freshener Spray is an excellent and one of the most recommendable products from our end.

Non-aerosol spray air freshener.

Key properties
• Freshens and deodorises
• Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance

• Leaves rooms smelling fresh and clean
• Colour and alphanumeric codes to prevent application mistakes

Use instructions

RXSOL RX 5 is ready to use; use undiluted.

Small rooms: Spray once or twice upwards into the centre of the room.Large rooms: Spray proportionately more upwards into the centre of the room.

Do not spray over or onto furnishings or plastic surfaces Remove spillage or build up from hard floors as surface may become slippery.

Technical data
• Appearance: clear, red liquid
• Relative density [20°C]: 1.00
• pH-value: 7.0 – 7.5

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

Safe handling and storage information
Safe handling:

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet. Only for professional users / specialists.

Storage Information:
Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature

Other Grades :::

RXSOL RX1 (Orange colour) Sanitizer Use in washroom (Tap, washbasin, tiles)
RXSOL RX2 (Green Colour) Multi task Cleaner
RXSOL RX3 (Sky Blue ) Glass Cleaner
RXSOL RX4 (white Colour) Furniture Polish (Ready to Use) wooden floor, chairs legs, work stations.
RXSOL RX6 (Blue) W.C cleaner (Ready to use)
RXSOL RX7 (Green colour) Floor Cleaner
RXSOL RX9 (No Colour) water Patch Cleaner, greasy marks

We have stockpoints in INDIA and U.A.E.

INDIA: Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata.

U.A.E.: Fujairah, Oman

We have stockpoints in INDIA and U.A.E.

INDIA: Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata.

U.A.E.: Fujairah, Oman

Packing Size:
5.00 Ltr.

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