Multiclean Marine Tank cleaning chemicals

Multiclean is liquid blend of surfactant - Non ionic and Anionic with mild alkaline cleaning agent. Multi clean effectively emulsify and clean various type of oil residue from OIL TANK. Due to its higher emulsification and cleaning effect, Multi clean effectively works aftter dilution ratio of 2 - 10%.  

Multiclean can be used by recirculation, direct injection, spraying on surface. Its multipurpose utility makes Multiclean as popular cleaner for cleaning of deck, engine, Accomodation, Tanks, Hold etc...

Multiclean is water soluble non flammable product. Due to its low alkalinity value Multiclean are safe on Zin Coated Surface.

VALUABLE cleaning TIPS :
Pre wash of tank with Hot water can save lot of cleaner during operation, As Hot water can remove maximum qty of oil residue from tank surface. But when matter comes for semi drying oil use COLD water to avoid hardening of OIL residue. After removal of excess oil residue by adopting pre wash concept Multiclean can be use as follows :::

Recirculation Method : This method is widely used for TANK CLEANING. As this is very effective cleaning method to save CLEANER. In this method diluted Multiclean 2 - 5% effectively runs into the system under control temperature.

Direct Injection : In this method 2-5% diluted Multiclean can be kept for 2 - 6 Hrs at high temperature of 60 - 80 degree Centigrade.

Spray Method : Directly spray the multiclean on tank surface, and wait for 20 - 30 minutes followed by hot water till complete removal of detergency effect.

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