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Para Chloro Meta Cresol (4 Chloro - m Cresol) is a colorless compound which is in the form of crystals at room temperature. It is used as an antiseptic and preservative in paints & inks. This chemical is a chlorinated phenol having chemical formula C7H7CIO and molecular mass of 142.58 g/mol. It also finds its application as disinfectant & germicidal agent and is utilized as an ingredient in the formulation of handwash.
Glutaraldehyde is known as a toxic chemical, applicable as a cold sterilant for the disinfection as well as cleaning of heat-sensitive dental, medical and surgical equipment. Useful for the orbit of biochemistry applications, this serves as a fixative as well as amine-reactive homobifunctional cross-linker that is capable to kill the cells speedily by cross-linking their proteins.
CIT MIT 1.5 (Isothiazolone) works as an in-can biocide with vast application orbits such as paper, plasters, inks, paints, emulsion binders, adhesives, dispersion and aqueous technical products in common. The product is applicable alone as well as in combination with other active ingredients such as methylisothiazolone. The chemical ingredient is utilized in biochemistry usages as an amine-reactive fixativeas well as homobifunctional crosslinker.
Para Chloro Meta Xylenol is used in hospitals as well as households for the purpose of sanitation & disinfection. The product is commonly employed in wound-cleansing applications, antibacterial soaps and household disinfectants. Provided antiseptic as well as disinfectant that is utilized for the medical aid of skin and insure the cleaning of assorted surgical instruments. Provided products are serviceable as the top-grade wound cleaners as well as household bactericidal.

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