Iron Ore cleaning direction

Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner Usage Directions 
Directions for Use 
In general  Dilute 1 part 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner with 4 parts water and spray  onto the surface being cleaned, And allow Iron Ore Red Dust for 20 to 40 Minutes to penetrate. 
And For Hard Deposits Vigorously agitate the on the surface being cleaned with a stiff bristled brush or broom. 
And allow Iron Ore Red Dust for 20 to 40 Minutes to penetrate. Again, vigorously agitate the surface. The iron ore will begin to break up and be released from the substrate. 

Stubborn areas may need to be again saturated and left for a further 10 minutes before vigorously agitating. 
Rinse the surface with a high pressure washer or hose until all dissolved concrete and 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner has been removed from the surface being cleaned. 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner on a small inconspicuous area before use. 
Do not apply 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner undiluted. 
A more concentrate dilution may be required where concrete has been cured for an extended period of time. 
Do not leave 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner on any surface for extended periods of time. 
To maintain product integrity, keep container sealed when not in use. 


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