Iron Ore cleaning detergent for ship hold cargo

For cleaning of IRON ORE cargo most suitable product is Aquatuff High Foam with Metal Bright. Here Aqutuff High foam provides detergency effect while Metal brite resulting good rust dissolving and cleaning properties.

The best things for Aquatuff High foam is good detergency effect with high foam nature which results high solvency effect on dirt particles deposited area. And after cleaning of cargo maximum deposited particle of iron ore, uses of metal brite result hold surface clean and bright even due to presence of phosphoric in metal brite exposed ship hold surface area get treated with rust prevention coation.
2nd best option to clean Iron ORE cargo from ship hold is simply dilute metal brite with water with ratio of 1:10 and spray on total area, then follow the next cleaning step with Aquatuff high foam to get optimum cleaning result.

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