Increasing clean oil separation efficiency - Disc Cleaning chemicals

Cleaning of Disc separator increasing clean oil separation efficiency to the engine which is directly increasing work out put of engine. More Detail of disc cleaner like MSDS and technical bulletines are available on through this LINK link . 

PURIFIER DISC CLEANER is a concentrated liquid mixture especially designed to remove carbonaceous deposits from all types of lube and fuel oil separators. Its unique dual mechanism also helps to dissolve RUST from metal parts.

A very fast  & effectively removes without the need of Scrubbing and Brushing of Centrifugal Separators, Disc & all types of heavy tenacious deposits  which collect  in fuel &  lube oils centrifugal separators disc stacks.

•Chemically brighten Metal surface including aluminium by removal of heavy tenacious deposits from steel or ferrous metal parts

• Save down time by cleaning all types of separator  discs without dismantling disc stacks system
• Also can be use as pickling iron and steel surfaces after a welding repair
• Leaves no film or residue after cleaning
• Improves efficiency of centrifuge installation

Other Valuable Cleaner : 

RXSOL-16-1007-025  - Disc Cleaner is designed for cleaning of lube oil and fuel oil separators. Keeping the separator disc stack clean means maintaining the separation efficiency and thereby secure clean oil to the engine. Helpful product to reduce workload of personnel.

Biosol Degreaser  – Biosol Degreaser is a concentrated liquid cleaning agent designed for the manual removal of oil, grease, wax or other contaminants from the exterior surfaces of machinery, floors, tank tops or other components. It may also be used to clean the interior surfaces of heat exchangers and piping systems in processes where oil, grease or wax is present.

Descalant  - Descalant is a concentrated liquid cleaning agent designed for the removal of scale, magnetite, algae, humus, shellfish including mussels, lime, rust and other deposits in water systems such as pipes, heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps, and operating water systems for separators.

Metal Brite

An acidic cleaning liquid with a phosphoric acid base specifically designed for the removal of metallic oxides, rust, calcium carbonate and other inorganic scale.

Alkaline Cleaner

A strong alkaline cleaning liquid specifically designed for the neutralization of used Metal Brite prior to disposal.

Alkali Cleaner RXSOL ORG - 6

A strong alkaline cleaning liquid with a caustic soda base specifically designed for the removal of biological matter, fat, oil and other organic deposits from heat exchangers and related equipment.

Safe Acid Descalex Powder 

An acidic cleaning powder with a sulphamic acid base and a corrosion inhibitor that is particularly effective for removing calcium carbonate and other inorganic scale.

RIG wash Powder  
An alkaline powder that is specifically designed for the neutralization of used RIG WASH powder prior to disposal.



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