Solid mass determination in Alkali Cleaner ?

Total dissolved solids in Alkali cleaner - includes all solids present in a Alkali Cleaner. Determined by evaporating in a 105 oC oven for 24 hours to evaporate the liquid solution.

Weigh an evaporation dish to the nearest 0.1 mg. Accurately measure a known volume (as much as will fit without spilling) of your sample into an evaporation dish and place in the 105 oC oven for 24 Hrs. After all of the Liquid has evaporated, let the dish cool in a desiccator, weigh the dish plus the remaining solids and record.
Calculation of solids by differentiating "A" and "B" 
A = weight of dried residue + dish after 24 hrs at 105 oC (mg) 
B = weight of dish (mg) 
Finally, percentage mass can be calculated accordingly.