Ferroxyl Test Kit for free IRON passivation

This test kist is specially designed to test of PICKLED staineless steel or to test of presence of embedded iron in the steel surface . Use the “ferroxyl test.” Spray the surface with a solution of p [+] Read More...
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Packing Size:
1.00 Box
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Ferroxyl Test Kit for free IRON passivation
It consists of two solutions, TK-F1 & TK-F2,   Mix Solution TK-F1 & TK-F2  1:1.  ( which contain nitric acid and potassium ferricyanide. The potassium ferricyanide can emit lethal fumes if it is ex [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
The Ferroxyl test is designed to determine whether austenitic stainless steel needs to be pickled or whether it has been pickled satisfactorily. When structure on the surface of austenitic stainless steel ha [+] Read More...
It is not recommended for use on products destined for use in food, medical or pharmaceutical unless complete removal of the cyanide solution can be guaranteed. An alternative is our Passivity test kit whi [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Content of Rxsol Ferroxyl  Test Kit –

Equipment  & Reagent :

  • Latex Gloves – 1 Pkt.
  • Shoes Cover – 1 Pkt.
  • Test Tube 100 ml – 1 Pc.
  • Test Tube 25 ml – 1 pc. 
  • Filter Paper – 1 pkt ( 0/11 (cm)
  • Squeeze Bottle – 1 pc ( Transparent dropping bottle 25 ml )
  • Reagent TK-F1 – 50 ml x 2 Nos
  • Reagent TK-F2 – 50 ml X 2 Nos
  • D.I. Water (Lab Grade) –  1 Btl
  • Measuring scoop
Ferroxyl Test Kit for free IRON passivation
Ferroxyl Test Kit for free IRON passivation