1 What is Marine Chemical?
The marine chemical is classified eco-friendly and biodegradable classified product to used in Shipping Marine field and oil field industries. Marine chemicals helps to maintain ship clean and smooth running without an immediate break.

2. What is the Marine Chemical made from?
The marine chemical is made from extremely selected cleaner solvent and emulsifier based on there utility and field of application. 

3. Can Marine Chemical be used along with existing marine chemicals in the market?
Yes. most of the marine chemicals can be used as a direct replacement. 

4. What are applications for marine chemicals?

Marine chemicals classified in various types, based on there utility and requirement.  As technically ship have vast structure and we can say more complicated then general industries. Shipping Industires controlled by genious people and to understand easily they classified marine chemicals as follows :::

Deck Engine mainternace chemicals ::: ACC9, Electrosol, Degreaser, Wasterless hand cleaner, Filter Disc Cleaner, Bilge Clean, Teepol, ACC9 Air cooler cleaner, Carbon Remover, Oil Spill Dispersant, Battery Acid, Lube Oil Cleaner, Boat Cleaner, Descalex Powder, Aqua Break, Petroleum Jelly, Boll Clean, Wall nut shell and many more deck engine maintenance cleaning chemicals availabel on this link

Ship Hold Cleaning Chemicals :::  Aquatuff, Slip coat, Lime Remover, Coal remover, Cement Remover, Sodium Hypochlorite, PCS, Hold Brite, Citric Acid, Oxalic acid, Muriatic Acid, Pet Coke Remover etc are few ship hold cleaning detergents are kept in this category, Its product details MSDS can be accessed through this link...

Tank Cleaning Chemicals ::: Alkleen Safety Liquid, Tank Cleaner, HCF Remover, CTC VOLC, Metal Brite, LAC, Palm Veg Oil cleaner, Bunker Cleaner, Inviro Clean, Seaclean, Methanol, Toluene, Xylene, Zinc Coating Conditioner, Phenol Cleaner, KT SOL plus, Advance Tank clean products are kept in Ship Tank Cleaning detergent category...

Ballast Tank cleaning and Miantenance chemicals ::: Sediment Mud Dispersant Chemicals,  Corrosion Inhibitor, Tank core cote, Sludge Acceleration agent..

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals ::: Oxygen Scavenger, Combitreat, Hardness Control, One shot Treatment chemicals, Hydrazine Hydrate, pH Booster ...

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals ::: Diesel Guard, Rocor NB, Sodium Nitrite, Corrosion Inihibitor, Engine Water treatment Chemicals, Biocide, RXSOL 2000 to know vast range of cooling water treatment chemicals please click here ...

Rigs Oil Field Chemicals ::: Rig Wash, Moya Oil, Mocidet ...

Marine Chemicals largest supplier in India, UAE, Oman.

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5. What is the advantage of marine chemical applications?
The marine chemicals provide excellent cleaning and treatment effect in sea weather area and most of the its part is eco friendly and bio degradable.

6. What is the typical operating life of marine chemicals?
Typical operating life of the marine chemicals is 2 years. For treatment and water applications, the marine chemicals can be effective for over 5 years.

7. What is the capacity of marine chemical?
Marine Chemicals has a powerful capacity due to its higher concentration. But Depending on the treated field its proper level can be calculated to achieve its standards uses.

8. Is any additional material can be blended with marine chemicals?
Yes, other materials can be blended as per requirement, subject to check counter sample in small quanitites.

9. Can we use hot water with marine chemicals?
Yes, hot water can be added in water based marine chemicals, where water mixing is permissible.

10. Can we use marine chemicals in industrial application? Yes, the product remains effective for industrial application.

11. What are some other characteristics which makes marine chemicals specialized product? Marine chemicals is concentrated and ecofriendly product.

12. Is marine chemicals available for immediate delivery? Yes, inventory is available with master distributors in India, Oman, UAE.   .

13. How is marine chemicals packaged? The marine chemical is shipped in various size and packing form within easy-to-handle 25, 50, 210, 1000 Ltr.

14. Can we get projections vessel dimensions, quantity of marine chemicals? Yes, we can provide full technical support and detailed projections customized to your process.

15. Would trouble shooting services be available after purchase of marine chemicals? Yes, troubleshooting services are available through RXSOL team as well as authorized distributors and channel partners.   


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