Drain Pipe Cleaner

Drain pipe cleaner helps get rid of any build up in the drains, clear any sort of blockage and keep the drains flowing easily. Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems faced everywhere, be it in domestic front or commercial front.  Rx marine’s heavy duty Drain Pipe Cleaner is effective for any type of metal, except some soft metals like aluminum and zinc. Special inhibitors present in it are safe to use on most metals, plastic surfaces and concrete. It is also known as Drain scale remover.


It is very important to maintain the drain pipes regularly. The routine cleaning up should be done on a weekly or monthly basis to avoid facing the clogging of drain pipes. The Drain scale remover or the Drain Pipe cleaner should be mixed with fresh water to form solution of 10-30%, which too depends upon the extent of scaling. This solution helps remove lime, scale, rust deposits and organic obstructions.


This solution can be used for large systems or components like broilers, heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and closed systems that have the capability to circulate at a temperature of approximately 40-60 degree centigrade, for 6-12 hours and solution of 10-40% of Drain pipe cleaner in water. For smaller components, the soak method can be used. Greasy or oily equipments can first be degreased and then cleaned with the Drain scale remover. It is used for sewage pipe lines and evac systems.


After using the drain pipe cleaner it is important to thoroughly rinse the metal surfaces once with 0.5% solution of liquid soap in fresh water to neutralize any remaining acidity on the metal surface for its protection. The drain pipe cleaner should be avoided on aluminum, zinc, tin or any galvanized surfaces.


It helps breakdown of organic deposits, paper, hair, slime, fat, soap scum etc from drain and waste pipes. It helps in heat generation on dilution helps soften the fat and grease. Also it is used for clearing blocked sinks, toilets, drains, urinals etc. It can be used for indoor and outdoor drains. It is completely suitable for use in commercial buildings, schools, public buildings etc.

This is a powerful product and acidic in nature and must be used with extreme care and right directions. Do follow the directions given on the label exactly. Wear protective gloves and keep at a safe distance from eye and face. Wash immediately with water if comes in contact with eyes. Do not mix any other chemical with this solution. Remove any excess fluid from the drains before using the solution. The drain pipe cleaner solution should be used in exact percentage mixed with water as directed.

Slowly pour into drains. Allow to stand for 10-15min and then carefully flush the pipe with water, if blockage does not get cleared contact plumber/drain engineer. Dosage levels depend on the size of the drains


Drain Pipe cleaners from Rx Marine International

Drain pipe cleaners from Rx Marine International are of best quality and made of high standard ingredients. The products from Rx marine International are very eco friendly and safe for health and usage. The ingredients used are non toxic in nature making it safer to use and handle, still necessary precautions should be taken and instructions should be followed exactly as directed. You may get the best economical deal on all products of Rx Marine International with guarantee of the product and customer satisfaction.


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