Descaler quantities and using procedure ?

1. Is the product for removal of hard water scale.? When applied on the effected areas how much it will be get removed. about thickens of the film or suggest us the right procedure for removal of thick & minor accumulations. also suggest for right application procedure.  

Ans : Quantities of descaler is directly depends up on quantities of mineral scale, This product chemically dissolve SCALE. Scale is a composite mixture of mineral deposits which can be dissolve by using descaler. For application and using procedure pl. visit our product manual.

2. Does it harm full for humans.

Ans : This product contain acidic component along with buffer and corrosion inhibitor, So precaution required before handling of this product.

3.Can it will be used in closed rooms like bath rooms & Labs, or you suggest something else for this type of applications.  
Ans : This product is without fumes, So it can be use in closed room.

4.We are requesting to get clarify this from concerned technical / chemical person to avoid any our end. ::: Before uses of this product, You must read MSDS.