Cracker Fuel Oil cleaning chemicals ?

Dear Sir,

Pl. suggest product Tank Cleaner to clean Cracker Fuel Oil which is not water soluble so Hydrocarbon Remover may also be required to complete the cleaning process. This cargo is not considered a good prior cargo for loading other high grade chemicals."
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Vinod Nair
Ans :
Dear Sir,
New ORG tank cleaner is highly effective on  BLACK cargo - FUEL OIL. Its cleaning principle is based on emulsifier basis, which is effectively makes OIL deposited particle into water miscible. Its long chain compound penetrates into deposited mass and increases affinity towards water.  Pl. review this link  , After using this product if cargo requirement is Hydrocarbon Free then CLEANING process can be repeated by using this prodcut
One more advanced formulation products for same utility is available through this link ...
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