Coldwash for petcoke cleaning

If we can understand the composition of petcoke, then its cleaning becomes easy and smooth. Chemically PET coke is heavy oil residue in solid form, So for cleaning of heavy and hard deposition of petcoke, its softness must be required. Coldwash HD ( For better result can be used more powerful product RXSOL ORG3 ) easily penetrate in PET COKE residue and its cleaner, emulsifier and much more reacts with coke deposition to make a water-soluble emulsion. Then use water with the high-pressure machine, if water temperature can maintain 50 - 60 degree, then cleaning performance result can be achieved.

If the ship hold surface is contaminated with oil, fat and other greasy deposits then simply spray cold wash ( or RXSOL ORG3, more powerful )  on surface area and leave to get dissolved fully. Then after 20 minutes to 1 Hrs apply water with high-pressure machine And if solution temperature can maintain 50 - 60 degree, then cleaning performance can be increased.

Note::: After spot cleaning of pet coke, Entire hold should be wash with alkaline high foam detergent cleaner  RX TUFF High foam. ( )
Suggestion: Above suggested method is useful for SPOT cleaning, where petcoke is heavily deposited. As Cold Wash or RXSOL ORG3 price is costlier than any alkaline high foam cleaner. At present, our unit price for RXSOL ORG3 is 2 US$/ Ltr + GST, While Alkaline High foam cleaner price is 1 US$ / Ltr

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