Coal to Food Grain Cargo change cleaning tips

The principal behind cleaning of CARGO hold...
The 1st segment to clean and neutralize coal residue :
Coal contain sulphur and many more others materials which is resulting corrosive effect on metal and painted surface. In chemical terms its proper cleaning means not only removal of its deposit to make surface clear and bright, But chemically neutralization effect also required. Coal remover having chemical neutralization and  cleaning formula, This product can be mixed with Alkleen safety liquid in open drums / Tanks as follows :::
1st of all take 100 Ltr COAL remover and mix with  80 Ltr  water then add 20 Ltr alkleen safety liquid in drum. Spray this solution on entire surface area,  And then use  high pressure machine to achielve  high dense foam to clean vertical surface of hold effectively. On heavily deposited spotted area  This solution can apply directly to get emulsification of solid deposited mass easily.
2nd segment to prepare hold up to Grain standard :
After completion 1st step, dilute alkleen safety liquid again with water and sprayed diluted solution on cargo hold. Use high pressure machine water followed by fresh water rinsing will result  cargo hold for Grain loading standard. 
Note : Rusted and paint scale Area / part cleaning must required before using of any cleaner including 1st segment suggestion. For RUST REMOVING our product code is  ( RXSOL-16-1088-025 ) and for Paint removing chemicals our code is RXSOL-18-1013-025
General cleaning tips :
Preparing Cargo Holds for loading Grain depends on the previous cargo.
1. Cargo Holds must be thoroughly cleaned and dry and trace of previous cargo in frames, beams, girders, and other structure.
2. There should not be any loose rust and or paint scale anywhere in the Cargo Holds, Bulkheads, upper and lower hopper spaces, underneath of Hatch Covers and tank top.
3. There should not be traces of live & dead insect & weevils.
4. Bilge covers should be cleaned of any cargo residues and have enough drain holes. Bilge cover needs to be grain tight but not watertight.
5. Bilge well should be cleaned of previous cargo dray and odour free.
6. Bilge suction should be operational at all the times. 
Removal of cargo residue:
Air Blow from top using high pressure air to reach all accessible corners. Cargo to be swept, scrapped & collected in a drum. Attention to be given
• Australian ladder and its platforms and stanchions
• Beams and girders under cross decks
• Frames, beams, girders, and other structure
• Large pipes holding brackets behind the pipes
Then Cleaning and sweeping coal cargo from the hold as maximum possible by HELPER / Crew member
Loose Rust & Paint Scale:
A sharp hand scraper shall be used to take off the peeling rust & paint scale
Special attention to following areas:
• Australian ladder and its platforms, hand rails and stanchions
• Australian ladder and its platforms and stanchions
• Beams and girders under cross decks
• Frames, beams, girders, and other structure
• Large pipes holding brackets behind the pipes
• Hatch coamings and under hatch covers
• Booby hatches & cover
Tank top loose rust
Tank top should be free of loose rust and cargo residue
Any rust which can be scraped by hand scrapers should be removed.
The tank top should be rinsed with fresh water
Cleanliness of cargo hold bilges
Hold bilges must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all residue, rust particles and cargo stains etc.
The filter (Rose Box) must be cleaned thoroughly
The bilge well sections shall be washed with continuous running of sea water to remove all odour and later rinsed with fresh water

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