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Cationic Poly Electrolyte Powder (RXFLOC 200)

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The RXFLOC 200 Cationic Poly Electrolyte is utilized for dewatering organic slush from human waste, sewage and industrial effluents. This powdered form flocculant is formulated by making use of finest [+] Read More...
Other Equivalent Brand

Magnafloc LT 22s

Short Description:
The Cationic Poly Electrolyte is utilized for dewatering organic slush from human waste, sewage and industrial effluents
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Cationic Poly Electrolyte Powder (RXFLOC 200)
RXFLOC 200 is a cationic polyelectrolyte. It is used for dewatering of organic sludge from sewage, human waste etc. Dewatering of organic sludge from pharma and industrial effluent.  
Using Procedure:
RXFLOC 200 dose as below for  solid-liquid separation process:   Belt filter, centrifuge, screw press dewatering- increased production rate, cake solids and solids capture. Water clarification - im [+] Read More...
Features and Benefits : Economical to use-effective at very low dosage levels. Perform well over a wide pH range. Improve throughput and cake solids. Achieve high solids capture. Easil [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Physical Form : Granular Powder
Color : White
Odor : None
Freezing/Melting Point : Not determined
Solubility in water : Soluble, solubility limited by viscosity
Vapor Density : Not applicable
Vapor Pressure : Not applicable
Density : Not determined
Specific Gravity : 0.8 - 1
pH : ~ 3.3 (1 % solution)
Percent Volatile : None expected above trace levels.
VOC : Not applicable
Partition Coefficient(Octan/Water) : Not determined
Decomposition Temperature : Not determined
Flammability Limits in Air : Not determined
Flash point : Not applicable
Test Method (for Flash Point) : Not applicable

Cationic Poly Electrolyte Powder (RXFLOC 200)
Packing Size:
25.00 Kg.(PWD)
Available Packing Size:
25 Kgs
Article News:

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