Cargo hold cleaner for coal and pet coke

Aquatuff High foam and Aqua tuff / Alkleen Safety Liquid cleaner is most common marine cleaning chemicals for cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke.
Two Major Benefit for cleaning of Pet Coke with alkaline cleaner:- 
Pet coke residue contains oil content, which is creating more difficulties during cleaning operation. Aquatuff high foam and one of our specialized product called Alkleen Safety Liquid which is absolutely non hazardous and biodegradable cleaner. 

Petcokes also have sulphur content which is main cause of corrosion due to its electrochemical corrosion mechanism. In presence of moisture and sulfur metal surface charges as anodic and damaging the hold paint due to electrical ion charges. Here presence of Alkleen Safety Liquid / Aquatuff increasing the alkaline effect and neutralizes the effect of Sulphur.