Corrosion protection boiler chemicals

Hydrazine Hydrate (50 ~ 51% as N2H4) : Chloride less than 0.1% as NaCL, For corrosion protection in boilers.

Activated Hydrazine (34 ~ 35% as N2H4) :  Chloride less than 0.1% as NaCl, Catalyzed Hydrazine solution for corrosion Pr and related equipment.

Morpholine (C4H9NO) : Technical Grade for Boiler Water Treatment. Purity Not less than 99%.

Acid Inhibitor.
For the suppression of Hydrochloric Acid attack on Ferrous alloys, Cuprous alloys and Titanium alloys, effec up to 94°C with efficiency not less than 75% in 5% HCI solution and Acid Inhibitor concentration 2%.

Ammonia 25% (NH4OH).
25% as ammonium Hydroxide used high pressure Boiler water treatment.
It is a clear colorless liquid.
PH 11-12 @ 20 °C.
Density 0.9 g/cm3.
Chloride (CL) 0.002 mg/liter maximum.
Iron (Fe) 0.002 mg/liter maximum.

Hardness Stabilizer :
Polyacrylate material of low molecular weight.
Non-volatile used for scale inhibition in sea water treatment.
The product is miscible with water in all proportions. And is clear Liquid.
PH valve 5-7.
Density @ 20°C Approx. 40%.
Chemical Characterization Sodium Polyacrylate, Modified, Aqueous solution.
Solidification temperature -20°C.
Flash point >100°C.
Ignition temperature >200°C.

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