Sulphur cargo handling tips

Hi Silvi / Aaron 01-04-2018

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Just to make sure, please confirm the supplied hold block are suitable for loading “cargo - bulk formed and/or granular sulphur – group c”
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Hold block is polymer emulsion, Which is unreactive towards most of the corrosive materials including Sulphur compound.  Its application on hold surface will give protection for HOLD METAL surface. 
when SULPHUR  comes in contact with moisture - Water, releasing ACIDIC solution. Which is very corrosive, Its time to time neutralization also helpful to keep hold surface damage free. 
For After application of HoldBlock on surface area, When matter comes to load sulphur then uses of Sulphur ACID neutralizer is also a wise decesion ...
Bilge Coat (Sulphur Acid Neutralizer)
RXSOL Bilge Coat is highly effective chemicals and an alkaline Solution  for  the Bilge Line and well during the carry of cargo as like Sulphur. This Product act as a neutrilizer for the collection of Acidic Bilge Water. Bilge coat is more safer and effective in use compare than other alkaline Materials.
Acts as Acid Neutralizer formed during sulphur voyages. 
SKU: RXSOL-22-2209-025
Dose and Using Procedure
• Use a clean Drum or any plastic tank. Fill the water up to 190 Ltrs and add the RXSOL concentrated Bilge coat 2-4 Ltrs. Stir well and now it is ready RXSOL BILGE COAT SOLUTION to use.
• Pour 15 to 20 litres of RXSOL BILGE COAT SOLUTION  directly into each hold sounding pipe from on deck.  Replenish each time after the bilge water is pumped out.
For more details... Pl. refer this link
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