Antiscalant ORG EV 2030

Antiscalant ORG  EV 2030 is a high performance liquid product for the control of scaling and particulate fouling in seawater multi-stage flash distillation plants. It is a multifunctional product base [+] Read More...
Packing Size:
250.00 Kg.(Liq)
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Antiscalant ORG EV 2030
Antiscalant ORG  EV 2030 is effective against alkaline scale formation across the full range of top brine temperatures (TBT) in use today, It is particularly recommended for use in plants operating at [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Antiscalant ORG  EV 2030 is a neutralised aqueous solution of organic acid. There are no special requirements regarding materials of construction of the dosing system. Recommended injection points are eith [+] Read More...
Health and Safety Antiscalant ORG  EV 2030 is an aqueous solution of polycarboxylic acid. From results of acute studies it is classed as non-toxic. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request. [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Appearance    Liquid
Colour   Clear amber
pH   8.0-9.0
Solids content    37 to 43% w/w
specific gravity at 20oC    1.25 to 1.30
Boiling point range   100 to 102 oC
 Freezing point range    0 to -10 oC

Tranortation : 

Not Claasified as Hazardouce.
Classification non-hazardous for conveyance

Packing : 250 Kgs Drum.

Antiscalant ORG  EV 2030
Antiscalant ORG  EV 2030