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Ammonium Persulfate Physical properties :
Appearance : white, crystalline, odourless salt or crystalline powder
Density of 1.98g/cc.
Nature : It is mostly non – hygroscopic
Stability : Gradually decompose to emit oxygen and ozone after hygroscopic effect.
Exothermic Properties : It will be decompose when dissolved in the water after being heated.
Application : It is used as chemical reagent, oxidant, bleacher, deodorizer and initiator for the polymerization of monomers.
Storage : Ammonium Persulfate can release oxygen, therefore, it should be stored under certain conditions. First, it should be stored in dry and well ventilated room. Secondly it should keep away from sunlight, heat sources and moisture.

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Items Specifications
Chemical/Product Ammonium persulfate
Abbreviation APS
Chemical name Ammoniumperoxodisulphate
Chemical formula (NH4)2S2O8
CAS – Number 7727 - 54 -0
Molecular weight 228,2g/mol
Appearance white, crystalline,
Assay active oxygen content min. 98.5 Min % APS min. 6,94%
Bulk density 900 - 1100 g/l
Chloride and chlorate (as CL) 0.002% w/w max
Manganese (Mn) 0.00005% w/w max
Iron(Fe) 0.0005% w/w max
Heavy metals (as Pb) 0.0005% w/w max
Moisture 0.10% w/w max
Storage temperature Room Temp
Storage validity 1 Year


APS must be stored dry in closed containers and protected from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. It must not be contact with organic matter, rust, metal and reductant matter in order to avoid catalytic decomposition and explosion. The product as supplied or in solution needs to be handled with appropriate care. The eye, skin and clothes must be protected when working with APS as damp powder or aqueous solution has a bleaching and slightly corroding effect. Please refer to MSDS for detailed information on Storage & Handling.

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