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Activated Carbon for H2S Adsorption

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Impregnated activated carbon removes gaseous pollutants like Hydrogen sulfide can be effectively captured by impregnated activated carbon and converted to sulfur.
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Short Description:
Used for air purification, removal of H2S from exhaust gas and "clean'' rooms to enhance the adsorption of toxic gases in the air.
Generic Name:
Impregnated activated carbon removes gaseous pollutants
Active Matter:
Activated Carbon for H2S Adsorption
Impregnated activated carbon removes gaseous pollutants via an irreversible reaction between the additives and pollutants. Hydrogen sulfide can be effectively captured by impregnated activated carbon and converted to sulfur when the operation temperature is between 24–170◦C.
Using Procedure:
Activated carbon impregnated with NaOH solution was shown to have the optimum H2S removal efficiency.  H2S adsorption via Alkaline RXSOL CARBON was five times that of a corresponding fresh activated carbon. 
The adsorption equivalent of H2S is nearly 1 (mol-H2S/mol-AOH). Which can be easily understood with this reaction H2S + AOH → AHS + H2O  Our experiment shows that adsorption capacity of activated car [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:
Hydrogen sulfide generated/emitted by petrochemical plants, food plant, processing plants, semiconductor plants, sewage treatment plants, or pharmaceutical plants. Generally, the effluent gases from such plants are treated by washing followed by neutralization with chemicals, adsorption onto activated carbon, condensation, masking, or direct or catalytic combustion. RXSOL  impregnated activated carbons have been developed with superior deodorizing performance.
Impregnated Activated carbon are manufactured by carbonization of char - coal in the presence of activating agents such as CO2 or steam. And during Chemical activation following chemical agents used in the chemical process are normally alkali and alkaline earth metals or acids such as KOH, K2CO3, NaOH, Na2CO3, AlCl3, ZnCl2, MgCl2 and H3PO4  etc.
There are several impregnation solutions that may increase the adsorption capacity of H2S such as methulol-melamine-urea, n-butylamine, and urea. The adsorption capacity of H2S on impregnated activated carbon may be increased up to 1.5 times the value of raw activated carbon.  Have used N-containing activated carbon to adsorb hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide.

Removal of H2S from Exhaust Gas by Use of Alkaline Activated Carbon

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Activated Carbon for H2S Adsorption
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