Diesel Engine Cleaner

Diesel Engine contains heavy contamination of loose oil, Grease, Carbon deposits. ACC9 plays role to dilute such deposits with strong emulsification effect without manual scrubbing which is damaging metal finishes. AIR COOLER CLEANER is a solvent based concentrated liquid solution with powerful surfactants based emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor swhich helps to loose completely deposits of oils, grease, soot and other carbonaceous deposits from machinery parts.

In marine Industries Air cooler Cleaner also popular as ACC-9. Air Cooler cleaner ACC9 can be mixed with water in a cleaning tank then as per dependent of design, the cooler can be flooded with AIR COOLER CLEANER mixture by dipping in a tank. For enhancing cleaning action this water mixed product can be heated to approx. 50°C. Click here for ANIMATED TYPICAL cleaning Method. ( 


Carbon Remover also can be mixed with Air cooler cleaner to clean all types of diesel engine and heavy carbonized part remove oil, grease and carbon deposits from air coolers and scavenging systems. ACC9 is mixture of powerful solvent emulsion making surfactants, strong emulsifiers and penetrating agents formulated to penetrate and remove all oily deposited materials from diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and compressor sides of turbochargers.

ACC-9 also named as Turbocharger cleaner, Compressor cleaner, Diesel engine cleaner.  Challenging product since 1995. Highest market share in India and Middle East giving us opportunity to make ACC9 in Bulk reactor of 4500 Ltr at a time in well defined glass reactor which is resulting Lowest price of ACC9 with pure and concentrated formulation. 

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