Dose Direction of ACC9

Depending upon contamination dilute concentrate with 10-25% with fresh water. In general terms take 1 Ltr concentrate and mix with 3 ltrs fresh water. For effective cleaning of air coolers, scavenging air systems and turbo chargers of diesel engines.  As practical we observed that for engine capacity upto 12000 HP,  2 -3 ltr mixed diluted solution can be circulated for approx 10 - 15 minutes, Then followed by fresh water rinsing. While with higher and more engine power like engine power upto 24000 HP cleaning solution upto 5 ltrs while for engine power more then 24000 HP, 6 Ltr diluted cleaning solution required. .  After uses of cleaning solution flushing with fresh water to clean complete emulsified deposit is a wise decision. 
Otherwise doses can be calculated as per surface area. 3 to 5 litres of cleaning solution per square meter.
In General circulation: Depending upon contamination 10-25% with fresh water.

OPTIONAL: Dependant on design, the cooler is flooded with AIR COOLER CLEANER immersed in a tank full of product.

Hand spray Cleaning: By Hand spray, apply concentrate RXSOL-16-0009 all over the cooler coils. for good emulsification &penetration. Allow the RXSOL-16-0009 for a minimum of 10 MINUTES then use a high presure  water to  wash  off  the  loosened deposits. During process  always  keep drain valve  open. After satisfactory cleaning, and flushing through with fresh water, close air cooler drains.Note that during this process the engine must be  stopped.

Immersion bath
Atleast for 2 Hrs deep COOLER PARTS in to  AIR COOLER CLEANER emulsion tank. The product should be heated to approx. 50°C and agitation provided with an air line. Then drain off and flush well with water, followed by drying with an air line.

Soak method: Machine parts with stubborn carbon deposits to be cleaned is dipped into conc. Soln.of ACC then allow deposits to. Be broken down and loosened before removal, then rinse .

Circulation method
Some designs of cooler can be circulated "in situ". In this case a pump tank and pipe system is fitted permanently or connections are provided for connecting a temporary circuit. The system should be filled with AIR COOLER CLEANER circulation carried out for 2 - 4 hours at a temperature of upto 50°C. After cleaning the cooler should be thoroughly flushed with fresh water and dried with an air line.
Note: Both cleaning methods benefit from heat of up to 50°C and cleaning times can be reduced or extended dependant on temperature and degree of fouling.

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