Importance of Aquatuff ?


Here the question that arises is why Aquatuff Cleaner is so important during Ship Hold Cleaning?
Aquatuff is alkaline in nature which neutrilizes the acidic residue created due to the presence of moisture and products like coal, sulphur, salt etc. And emulsification effect of aquatuff makes alll oil stain water soluble.  It means Aquatuff's major role is to neutralize the acidic residue and emulsifying Oil residue. One more important feature of Aquatuff high foam results in the formation of dense foam with high-pressure machines, which can easily be applied even on vertical surfaces.
Aquatuff High Foam - Acts as an Acid Neutralizer - Useful for coal, Sulfur, Salt as its residue when in contact with water, is acidic in nature which directly damages the painted and metal surfaces.
Aquatuf High Foam - Acts as an Oil residue Emulsifier - Useful for removal of coal and oily residue.
Aquatuff High Foam - Results in Dense foam - Can be applied on the vertical surface for long duration.

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