Why Alkleen Liquid?

Alkleen Liquid plays very important role for cleaning of tanks, specially when cargo containing fats and oil. Alkleen Liquid effectively emulsify oily mass with water to get dissolve into water. Due to its non caustic based formula Alkaleen Liquid uses becomes wide and non corrosive towards metal surface. Alkleen liquid formulated with corrosion inhibitor to increase its suitability towards tank metal surface, Chemical expert claims that long duration of CARGO in a tank ionized the metal surface. Any chemicals contact can directly damage the metal surface, So presence of corrosion inhibitor in Alkleen cleaner results protection towards tank surface.

Alkleen Liquid supplier in Ennore - Chennai, Vizag - Visakhapatnam - Gangavaram, kolkata - haldia - Paradip, Mumbai - JNPT, Gandhidham - Kandla - Mundra - Sikka, Fujairah - Dubai- Sharjah - Abu dhabi.

Alkleen Liquid available packing is in 20, 25, 50, 210 Ltr

Alkaline Cleaner helps to emulsify and clean  vegetable oil, Fish Oil, Animal Oil and Fatty acid containg cargo from tanks ( Steel and Epoxy )

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