Product Notes

Thermal Stability: 
Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry have shown that Antiscalant RXSOL ORG EV is stable up to a temperature of 300 oC.

Chemical Reactivity: 
Antiscalant RXSOL ORG EV  is not affected by chlorine or other oxidising biocides under normal conditions of use. It is readily broken down by strong oxidising

Packing : Net weight 240 kg Gross weight 248.5 kg. Antiscalant RXSOL ORG EV is also available in Bulk packing in IBC Tank as 1200 Kgs and small packing as 25 Kgs.

Handling : Avoid inhalation of vapors/spray and contact with skin and eyes. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking when using the product. Observe good chemical hygiene practices.

Storage :  Protect against physical damage and/or friction. Keep in original container. Store in tightly closed original container in a dry and cool place. Store away from: Alkalis. Reducing Agents. Do NOT use container made of: Carbon steel. Store away from strong oxidising agents.

Shelf Life : 24 Month from date of Mnaufacturing