Product Notes


• Special Biodegradable product for the removal of coal dust

• Suitable for most surfaces  and helps to clean the majority of tank coating materials, lacquered or painted surfaces, light materials, plastics and textiles

• No organic solvents and it can be used in ultrasonic tanks and immersion soak tanks

• Non-flammable designed to be used in the offshore market, ships hold and tank cleaning.

• Aqua Wash Cleaner has many general cleaning purposes, i.e. the removal of oil, sludge, carbon deposits, greases, general dirt and grime

• Aqua Wash Cleaner works efficiently for Engine Room cleaning.

• Cleaner for cargo tank (after mineral, animal, vegetable and fish oils)

• A Completely biodegradable general purpose cleaner for decks, toilets, bulkhead and galley

• Cleaner for soiled materials, such as covers, mats, rugs, overalls, etc

• Cleaner for hulls, painted surfaces and glass fibre boats

• Mineral oil free cleaner, it can use pressure washing machine. And it can be diluted 1 Ltr Aqua Wash Cleaner with 200 Ltrs WATER.


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