Product Notes


  • Cleans and flushes paint spray guns, paint lines, mixing tanks, and general purpose paint jobs
  • Removes graffiti from smooth and rough surfaces
  • Removes and cleans wax for surface preparation for paint, glue, and assembly applications
  • Removes vinyl graphics from boats, signs, trucks, and glass
  • Cleans and degreases a variety of parts, tools, and equipment
  • Removes soot, grease, oil, grime, and¬†diesel fuel
  • Handles tough automotive and transportation cleaning jobs
  • Cleans and removes adhesive caulking and bedding compounds
  • Cleans glue residues, resin, and hardener
  • Cleans toner, copier equipment, and machinery including printing presses
  • Removes tar and sap
  • Flushes and cleans polyesters, vinyl ester, and epoxy lines
  • Removes polyurethanes, varnishes, enamels, and UV curable coatings
  • Cleans and prepares material surfaces such as metals

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