Product Notes

Reduces unwanted mud load form tanks

RXSOL-23-2900 is a liquid cationic polymer of high molecular weight, specifically designed to treat, condition and prevent the deposit of mud and sediment commonly found in ship’s ballast tanks.RXSOL-23-2900 uses the chemical principle of flocculation to attract mud particles into small fluffy particles . As a result, the “stickiness” of the mud is reduced, preventing it from
packing down and allowing for easy flushing by the water flow during deballasting.

RXSOL-23-2900 is considered nonhazardous and nontoxic, but as is normal when handling any chemical, care should be exercised to prevent
eye or skin contact. Should contact occur, wash affected areas with water. Standard protective equipment is recommended.

Physical Properties
Clear to pale yellow liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.06@20'C
pH: 8.5