Product Notes


Dosage and frequency Boilplex AT controlled blowdown simple tests on the quality of the boiler water.Tests include checking parameters such as hydrate alkalinity, conductivity, phosphates, stiffness feedwater and condensate pH.  For more information about the testing procedure, refer to Table control the amount and dosage Boilplex AT  Control and Dosage Chart or contact representative of Rx Marine International.


  • Has dispersant properties.
  • Converts crystals.
  • Comprehensive protection.
  • Air conditioning sludge.
  • Multi-tool.
  • Prevents scale.
  • Easy to use and testing.


  • Do not allow the particles to stick together.
  • Do not allow the build-up of scale on pipes.
  • Provides efficient heat transfer.
  • Soft sludge" can be easily removed by blowing.
  • Redundant components ensure protection.
  • Boiler Cleaner.
  • Increases in operation.
  • Reduces the need for acid peels.
  • Saves maintenance costs Kotel.
  • Control of corrosion caused due to low.
  • pH levels in the condensate system.
  • Controls alkalinity.
  • Controls the formation of a new scale.
  • Convenient for operator.